Credit: MTV / CW Photo: Two Sexy Werewolves: Which One Do You Choose?

It’s a battle of the hairy hunks! First of all, if you haven’t caught MTV’s new show Teen Wolf, you must. (And not only because it includes a nod to TVD… okay, that might be part of it.) But Teen Wolf also has something else in common with Vampire Diaries: really hot actors.

We’re not choosing sides or anything, but we are asking you to. Who makes you drool more: Teen Wolf’s lacrosse-stick wielding Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) or TVD’s resident lycanthrope Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino)? Posey’s young, sure, but he’s also totally cute. Sort of like a darker Justin Bieber. Or maybe we’re just partial to the werewolf thing...

We know how hard it is to out-hot Tyler Lockwood — um, yum! — but we do enjoy this little guy’s badass attitude... and sparkling brown eyes. Which wolf gets your vote?