All we know about Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) family is that her Grams was an awesome witch, her mother was a powerful witch/a bad mother/is now a vampire, and her father’s family tends to bore her. So why is her dad coming back to town in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 11, “Catch Me if You Can”?

Could the return of Bonnie’s father have to do with Bonnie’s trip down a very dark road called Expression? Perhaps Bonnie’s dad knows more about magic than she thinks? Could he have a secret of his own?

Or maybe he just misses his daughter and wants to spend some quality time? It’s always a possibility. Then again, maybe he’s not in town to see his daughter at all. He’s stepping in as interim mayor, so he must know some of Mystic Falls’ secrets. Could Bonnie’s father have something to do with the greater evil that’s coming?

Perhaps he’s just decided that his daughter shouldn’t be spending so much time with a shady mentor. Rumor has it Rudy isn’t too pleased about Bonnie’s relationship with Professor Shane (David Alpay).

How do you think Bonnie’s father will fit into the complicated puzzle that is Mystic Falls?

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