You know the feeling. You sit down with your bowl of popcorn and glass of blood wine, ready for a new Vampire Diaries episode, when suddenly you realize it’s a repeat. Is there anything more disappointing? 

Well, TVD is in the midst of a hiatus right now, which is why The CW is rerunning Season 4, Episode 8, “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street.” Luckily, thanks to the network starting this season a bit late (in October), the break isn’t as grueling as previous years.

Last year, the hiatus stretched from early November to the beginning of January. See, you survived that with no problem!

The show will return January 17, 2013. Until then, you’ll just have to formulate some theories about Professor Shane (David Alpay), the sire bond, and Steven R. McQueen’s (Jeremy Gilbert) workout routine. (The dude is so buff now!)