Right now, Daniel Gillies (Elijah) is busy on his new NBC show Saving Hope — but that doesn’t mean he’s abandoned Vampire Diaries forever. (Thank goodness, because we would revolt.) In an interview with About.com, Gillies talked about his medical drama and whether Elijah will return to Mystic Falls.

“I'd like to and I'd say there is a strong likelihood that I'm returning,” said Daniel when asked about the likelihood of seeing Elijah in Season 4. Hooray!

Gillies also explained what he admires about vampires. “I like the idea that over several lifetimes, you can master so many things,” he said. “I think the depressing part about being a human or a living creature is that you're going to die and the thing we love about vampires is their perpetual youth.”

Elijah is quite different from Gillies’s Saving Hope character, but they do have a few things in common. “He's a bit of a rolling stone and hasn't stayed in one place for too long, I don't think he has ever found a place he can describe as home both personally and professionally,” Gillies says of Joel Goren.

At least in our opinion, Elijah will always have a home on TVD. Plus, he can’t leave for good until he confesses his feelings for Elena (Nina Dobrev).

Source: About.com

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