Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Photo: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster

Vampire Diaries Alaric (Matt Davis) has gone to that big crossbow expo in the sky, and we’re missing our master staker something fierce. Is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter the cure for our sorrow?

The movie, which premieres today, is based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s mashup novel. Starring Benjamin Walker as the lanky 16th president, the film follows the life of Lincoln as he dons stovepipe hats, gives the Gettysburg Address, and fights off the bloodsucking undead.

Look, we’re not entirely sure that the idea for this novel/movie didn’t come from a Party Down episode entitled “Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen,” which contains references to a fictional film/comic book where Edgar Allan Poe fights vampires. Nevertheless — and even without Adam Scott as young Lincoln — the movie could help get us through a long, vampire-less summer.

So, are you on board to watch honest Abe take out a few vamps?

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