Credit: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP © 2011 Summit Entertainment, LLC

Now that the Twilight movies are coming to an end (Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be released in November), we can all resume our normal lives without living in perpetual anticipation, right? Not according to Robert Pattinson, who told the Journal of Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua that he’s sure a network “will soon make a TV series based on Twilight.”

Before your Pattinson-loving hearts start palpitating, the actor said he probably wouldn’t be cast because he can’t be “17 forever.” (Tell that to Paul Wesley!) Nevertheless, we wondered if Twihards would watch Edward, Bella, and the rest of the sparkly vamps on a
weekly basis.

So, tell us! Are you up for Twilight: The TV Show?

Source: Journal of Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua via Diario Twilight