Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW Photo: Jeremy Looks off Into the Distance in Season 3, Episode 2: “The Hybrid”

The Vampire DiariesJeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) has rather varied taste when it comes to his dating history. While Vicki  (Kayla Ewell) was a wrong-side-of-the-tracks bad girl who once told Jer she was only dating him for his drugs, Anna (Malese Jow) was a sweet vampire who was initially using him to get a look at his grandfather’s journals. Basically, Jeremy has good reason to be skeptical of both of his lost loves, and these girls are definitely not playing on the same supernatural side.

In Season 3, Episode 2, “The Hybrid,” Vicki’s apparition appears to Jeremy and says, “I can come back.” Apparently, Anna’s specter disagrees and tells him not to trust Vicki. What’s a ghost whisperer to do?