The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett is Elena’s no-nonsense best friend. While she fills the role of counselor and confidant, Bonnie’s also the brassy-but-cautious witch who discovers her powers just in time to help out her girl Elena.

Salvatore brothers in trouble again? Don’t worry, Bonnie’s got that. Heck, her family has had it for centuries. (Bonnie’s grandmother was a witch and her great-great whatever was Katherine’s assistant.)


Bonnie has some heroine tendencies, namely, being repeatedly ready to sacrifice herself for her friends. As her powers have increased, the witch has stepped up at pretty much every opportunity to trade her life for those of her friends. Luckily, Bon-Bon is alive and well; her spell-casting abilities will most definitely come in handy when the swarm of Original Vampires came to Mystic Falls.


In fact, they may be working a little too well. Bonnie had to practice some dark magic in Season 3, and she definitely seemed to enjoy it.


Though in Season 1 Bonnie didn’t really have a love life of her own, Season 2 brought some romance into the witch’s life in the form of E’s little brother, Jeremy. Unfortunately, their relationship went south when Jer kissed a ghost, but Bonnie found a new guy — her mother’s foster son, Jamie.

Fast facts:
1.      Bonnie comes from a long line of witches who call the most stereotypical of witchvilles home: Salem, Massachusetts.
2.    Bonnie’s Grimoire (or “witches cookbook” as Damon called it) once belonged to Emily Bennett and was buried in the grave of Guiseppe Salvatore, a.k.a. Damon and Stefan’s father.
3.    Bonnie’s like the Airbender times three! Her witch powers include: hydro-, pyro-, and telekinesis (the ability to manipulate water, fire, and other things); clairvoyance; regular spellcasting; and the ability to inflict pain on vampires just by thinking about it.
4.    Bonnie knows how to enchant Lapis Lazuli to make those daywalker vampire rings the Salvatores have. Do we smell an entrepreneurial opportunity?

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