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The Vampire Diaries

Cami (Leah Pipes)

Supernatural? No
Age: 25
Dating status: Single

The feisty New Orleans bartender caught Klaus Mikaelson’s eye and might have convinced him to become a father … without knowing it.

Cami (Leah Pipes) is the local bartender who’s completely oblivious to the supernatural world in which she is living. After a tragic event occurred within her family, she went to school to study psychology, where she’s fixated on the question of whether people can be 100 percent bad.

The Originals
Cami is the bartender at the Deveraux sister’s bar who refers to Klaus as the “100-dollar-bill guy” and escapes from Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) after she warns him that she has a black belt. She later runs into Klaus, where the two observe an artist painting in the middle of the street. Cami’s description of the painter brings Klaus’ humanity to the surface, and he runs away before she can catch his name.

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