The Vampire Diaries

Caroline Forbes

Though she started off insecure and in desperate search of a boyfriend, Caroline Forbes mellowed as a result of her relationship with Elena’s ex Matt Donovan. She spent the first half of Season 1 being Damon’s scarf-wearing sippy-cup, then began Season 2 as a vampire.

Managing to keep a tight rein on her blood cravings, Caroline proved to be a model vampire, only slipping up (i.e., killing someone) once or twice along the way. Unfortunately, Matt had issues dealing with Caroline’s supernaturalness and the two broke up.

Becoming a bloodsucker made Caroline much more confidant, and Tyler Lockwood soon took notice. The two began a relationship, which has had complications, including the werewolf-turned-hybrid’s sire bond to Klaus. The big, bad Original is also crushing on the blonde vamp, much to her chagrin.

Caroline has a complicated relationship with her parents. It took Sheriff Forbes (aka, her mama) a while to come around to the idea that Caroline is a vampire. On the other hand, Caroline’s father, Bill, tried to torture it out of her.

Fast facts:
1. Her mother is the sheriff of Mystic Falls. They are members of one of the town’s founding families. Though she and her mom have had a sometimes tumultuous relationship, the Sheriff loves her daughter, vampirism and all.
2. The girl has a solid set of pipes and sang “Eternal Flame” to win back Matt’s heart.
3. Caroline has a soft spot for The Bachelor.

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