The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is a deadly (but sexy!) piece of work. A blood-sucking playboy, he’s the rebel to his brother Stefan’s saint. Witty, charming, and oh-so-fine, the elder Salvatore brother is a regular people person. Erm, except for the fact he’s got this nasty habit of feeding on them...

Damon loved his vamp maker Katherine with a fierce devotion and he has spent the last century trying to find her. It was this search that brought him back to Mystic Falls, where he met his little brother’s girlfriend, Elena — who happens to be Katherine’s doppelganger.

Though he hides his soft side under a layer of snark and a few swills of bourbon, Damon definitely fell for Elena. Hard. But he reacts to her rejection with violence or by acting out. Luckily for Damon, not everyone he kills stays dead. Elena’s little brother, Jeremy, would’ve been a goner if he hadn’t been wearing his magic ring when Damon snapped his neck.

Damon’s main objectives are keeping Elena safe, no matter the cost, and looking out for Stefan — except when he’s kissing Elena. Despite the moments she and Damon have shared, Elena chose Stefan, once again devastating the elder Salvatore.
Fast Facts:

1. In 1864, Damon became a vampire, making him over 165 years old.
2. Damon’s vampire powers include creating and controlling fog, jumping to some stellar heights, and controlling minds.
3. Until Alaric’s death, the history teacher was Damon’s best (drinking) buddy.
4. The secret to Damon’s success with the ladies? His unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift.

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