The Vampire Diaries

Davina (Danielle Campbell)

Supernatural? Yes, witch
Age: 16
Dating status: Single
Only seen in the director’s cut of The Originals pilot, Davina (Danielle Campbell) appears to be Marcel's (Charles Michael Davis) secret weapon.

We don’t know how Davina came to be in New Orleans or why Marcel is keeping her hostage, other than the fact that she appears to have exceptional magical abilities.

The Originals
Davina is a young witch who Marcel keeps hidden away in what appears to be an attic. She is able to sense if any magic is being practiced anywhere in the French Quarter, aka she’s the reason Marcel is able to keep the witches living in fear.

In the director’s cut of the pilot, we see Davina’s living quarters. She’s not even allowed near a window for fear of being seen. But when Davina gets upset, she throws Marcel’s helper out of a window using her magic. She appears to be a very talented young witch.

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