The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert

The Vampire Diaries chronicles Elena Gilbert’s life in Mystic Falls, Virginia, the small town that’s home to more vamps and otherworldly creatures than a girl should have to count. Elena is a high school senior caught between a rockin’ bod (vampire Stefan Salvatore) and a hard bod (his blood-sucking big bro Damon Salvatore). The undead brothers heart her in a crazy way. The Salvatores’ love started because she’s the mirror image of Katherine Pierce, the fierce vamp who turned the brothers way back in 1864. In fact, Elena is Katherine’s doppelganger, so she’s a supernatural being in her own right.

Elena and her brother, Jeremy, were taken in by their Aunt Jenna after Elena’s parents, Miranda and Grayson, were killed during a mysterious car crash. Even more drama? Not only is E adopted, but her Uncle John is really her birth father and her birth mother, Isobel, is a wicked vamp sired by Damon. Plus, Elena’s bestie, Bonnie, is a witch. Yeah, that’s quite a handful for a teenager to handle.

Once he got wind of her doppelganger status, Original vampire Klaus started pursuing Elena. He needed her blood to unleash his werewolf side, since he’s a different kind of monster (a hybrid). Not only did Klaus want her blood, the OV also had an attachment to her boyfriend, Stefan. In exchange for saving Damon’s life, Klaus got to spend a few months with his former friend, the Ripper, on a killing spree. 

Even as Elena tried everything in her power to save Stefan from Klaus’s clutches, she grew closer to Damon. They shared some electric moments, but she ultimately chose Stefan as the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Unfortunately for her, the rest of her life had only a few moments left, and Elena was only saved by the vampire blood in her system.

Fast Facts:

1. Grayson Gilbert isn’t Elena’s biological dad, but he was there for her birth — as the physician, Dr. Gilbert.

2. Uncle John Gilbert was Elena’s actual birth father. This would make his nephew Jeremy — you guessed it — Elena’s first cousin. She’s got an uncle-daddy and a bro-cuz. 

3. In The Vampire Diaries novels by L.J. Smith, Elena was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed ice queen — sorta like Caroline Forbes of the TV series.

4. Selfless to the end, Elena begged Stefan to save Matt first when they were both drowning.

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