The Vampire Diaries

Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)

Supernatural? Yes, werewolf

Age: Late teens

Dating status: It’s complicated — she’s pregnant with Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) child

On the outside, Hayley is a flirty werewolf who’s good at keeping secrets. But on the inside, she’s more of a lone wolf who desperately wants to find out more about the parents and family she never knew.


Hayley recently learned that her original pack resided in Louisiana, which is where she was probably born. But Hayley doesn’t know much about her birth parents, other than the fact that Professor Shane (David Alpay) told her they were dead. Hayley was adopted at a young age, but after a boating accident triggered her werewolf curse, Hayley’s adoptive parents kicked her out of the house.

Since then, Hayley had been on her own up until she ran into Tyler (Michael Trevino) during his trip to try and break his hybrid sire bond to Klaus. She helped him achieve his goal and later returned to Mystic Falls to find him and keep a couple secrets of her own.

Season 4

When Hayley showed up in Mystic Falls and agreed to help her old buddy Tyler break all the sire bonds of Klaus’s hybrids, we didn’t think much of it. But we later learned that she was working for Professor Shane, who had promised her a jump drive full of information about her birth parents. And after Hayley clued Klaus in on Tyler’s plan and got him to murder all 12 of his hybrids, she left town.

She reappeared after she had started helping Katherine (Nina Dobrev). Once she became of no use to Ms. Pierce, she was nearly killed; Klaus saved her life. From there, Klaus and Hayley shared a few too many drinks and ended up sleeping together. The good news was that Klaus recognized a birthmark on Hayley’s back and linked it to a pack he’d once met in Louisiana, giving Hayley her first real clue about her birth parents.

The Originals

Hayley headed down to Louisiana to find out more about her family when a group of witches found her. Turns out, she is pregnant with Klaus’s child, which puts her in the middle of the power struggle between Klaus, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), and the witches of New Orleans. Good luck, Hayley.

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