The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce

Katherine Pierce is the bitch that started it all. Yeah, that’s right. That whole blood brother feud between the Salvatores? Her fault. The vamp Noah who stalked and intended to kill Elena? All Katherine. Isobel’s treatment of her own birth daughter? Good ol’ Kat was behind that, too.

Elena Gilbert’s vampire doppelganger is the catalyst that sparked the creation of the world that is Vampire Diaries. No stranger to siring, Katherine turned both Salvatores and Caroline into vamps. Exploiting the fact that she’s the spitting image of Elena, Katherine has played the Parent Trap card many a times, posing as her lookalike to both help and hinder the Salvatore brothers’ plans.

Although Katherine is manipulative and calculating, the villainous vamp also has a soft spot for the Salvatore brothers, and she has expressed true emotion for Stefan in particular. But don’t expect Kat to reform her ways like some other vampires we know. We’re pretty sure this Petrova was kind of a mean girl even before she grew a set of fangs.

Fast facts:

  1. Katherine had a child before she became a vampire and gave it away to a cousin.
  2. Born in Bulgaria in the late 1400s, Katherine moved onto England after the birth of her baby in 1491. There, she met Klaus and was later turned into a vampire by Rose while attempting to flee from the Original Vampire.
  3. Katherine met the Salvatore brothers when she checked into the Salvatore Boarding House as a guest in 1864.
  4. Although she now goes by Katherine Pierce, her original last name is Petrova.

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