The Vampire Diaries

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis)

Supernatural? Yes, vampire
Age: Over 100; exact age TBD
Dating status: Single

Klaus Mikaelson’s one-time protege is now the King of New Orleans, a title which Klaus might like to have back, like, right now.

Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) was once a slave before Klaus turned him into a vampire. He then became Klaus’ protege, and the two had their fun in the French Quarter before Mikael drove Klaus away. Marcel was able to survive Mikael’s stint in town and has since become the self-proclaimed King of New Orleans.

The Originals
We first met Marcel when Klaus went down to New Orleans in search of a witch that Katherine Pierce claimed was against him. What he found was that Marcel had remained in New Orleans after he left all those years ago. And under Marcel’s rule, New Orleans has become a place where vampires roam freely, werewolves dare not go and witches obey.

But when Klaus decided that he wanted to take back his town, Marcel quickly let him know that he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. The two remain frenemies while Klaus tries to figure out what power Marcel has over the witches.

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