The Vampire Diaries

Rebekah Mikaelson

Supernatural? Yes, vampire

Age: Over 1,000

Dating status: Single

With over a thousand years under her belt, Original vampire Rebekah Mikaelson looks fantastic for her age. Just a teenager when her parents turned her immortal, she still retains some adolescent characteristics. Her quick temper and petulant behavior can make Rebekah unpredictable, but she’s also fiercely loyal to her family and yearns to be human and in love.  


Rebekah’s history

Born amongst the vikings during the 10th century, she’s one of Mikael and Esther’s seven children. Her six brothers are an unnamed older brother, Finn, Henrik, Kol, Elijah, and half-brother Klaus. Only Elijah and Klaus are still living.


Rebekah and Klaus have a complicated relationship. Though they look out for one another, he’s daggered her and left her temporarily dead in a coffin several times, once for nearly 100 years. Because she’s an Original, Rebekah is invulnerable to most dangers, except for the white oak stake. Even werewolf venom, normally deadly to vampires, won’t kill her. One of her powers is the ability to compel other vampires.


In 1114, Italy, Rebekah fell in love with a vampire hunter named Alexander — a member of the the Five. The couple planned to marry, but soon he figured out her secret and betrayed her. Alexander stuck the Original with a dagger dipped in ash from the white oak tree and did the same to her siblings. Only Klaus was unaffected, because of his latent hybrid abilities. He killed Alexander.


Rebekah met Stefan in Chicago during the 1920s. She fell in love with the Ripper version of him. When her father, Mikael, discovers her and Klaus’s whereabouts, the hybrid wants to run. Rebekah decides to stay with Stefan instead of following her brother, so Klaus daggers her and puts her in a coffin, where she remained for nearly 100 years.


Season 3

Klaus decides to wake his sister in order to get her help in contacting the Original Witch, aka, their mother. At first, Rebekah is glad to see Stefan again, but she soon sides with Klaus when she realizes he’s just not that into her anymore.


Deciding she likes modern teenage life, Rebekah enrolls at Mystic Falls High School and becomes a cheerleader. For a while, she becomes interested Matt.


When she first learns that Klaus murdered their mother, Rebekah is upset. Later it’s revealed that Esther wants all her children to die, because she views them as abominations. After a ball held by the Original witch, Rebekah sleeps with Damon.


Believing Alaric killed Klaus at the end of Season 3, Rebekah decides to stop the unkillable new vampire by murdering Elena. She steps into the road in front of Matt’s truck, nearly killing both him and Elena.


Season 4

Rebekah learns her brother is alive when he — in Tyler’s body — leaves her in the hands of Pastor Young. Then she destroys the last of the bags of Elena’s human blood. As a way of apologizing to Matt for nearly killing him, Rebekah buys the quarterback a truck. The lonely vamp also befriends April Young.

After the hunt for the cure for vampirism begins, Rebekah expresses a desire to become human again. She and Stefan team up and end up sleeping together. Later, she and Elena join forces to try and take the cure from Katherine.

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