The Vampire Diaries

Sophie (Daniella Pineda)

Supernatural? Yes, witch
Age: Approximately late 20’s
Dating status: Single
After years of living under Marcel's (Charles Michael Davis) rule, it’s Sophie (Daniella Pineda) and her sister, Jane-Anne, who decide to start a revolution against Klaus Mikaelson’s one-time protege.

From what we know about Sophie, she runs a restaurant/bar in New Orleans with her sister Jane-Anne. They’re both witches, and Sophie has a special power that allows her to sense when a woman is pregnant.

The Originals
After Sophie’s sister, Jane-Anne, performs a spell that puts the witches of New Orleans in control of Hayley's (Phoebe Tonkin) life (and therefore her child’s life), Jane-Anne is killed by Marcel for practicing magic in his town and “breaking his rules.” Sophie then teams up with her fellow witches to carry out her sister’s plan for a revolution. They use Hayley and the baby to entice Elijah Mikaelson and Klaus, who agree to help oust Marcel.

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