The Vampire Diaries

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore is the repentant 100-and-something-year-old vampire with a heart of gold. You’d totally want to hang with this vamp. He’s the nice, quiet guy with lots of interesting stories to tell — who also happens to be drop dead gorgeous.

Stefan’s usual diet consists only of animal blood. (How very Twilight of him.) Most of the time, Stefan can’t help but do the right thing — a choirboy act that puts him at odds with bad boy older brother, Damon.

He’s also ridiculously devoted to his girlfriend, Elena. Stefan seems to have spent the last few years reconstructing her family tree and studying all things Elena Gilbert. He also anonymously saved Elena from the car accident that killed her parents. Let’s face it, if Stefan weren’t so flippin’ cute, we’d find this all a little creepy.

But Stefan wasn’t always such a boy scout. Turning vamp really brought out his cranky side. Basically, Stefan was the 1864 version of Damon, and vice versa. The real reason Stefan is a humanitarian (a.k.a., only eats bunnies and such) is because people blood makes him into kind of a monster. (Which is exactly the way Original Vampire Klaus prefers him: as “The Ripper.”)

The pair went on a rampage across the US, killing lots of innocent people. Once the Ripper fully took over, Stefan was pretty much a jerk to Elena. Then Stefan saved Klaus’s life, freeing himself from the OV’s compulsion.

Stefan becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on Klaus for everything the hybrid put him through, using the Original family’s coffins as pawns. However, Stefan regains control of himself little by little, winning back Elena’s trust.

Elena finally chooses between the Salvatore brothers, picking Stefan. When both she and Matt are drowning following an accident on Wickery Bridge, Stefan decides to listen to her pleas and save the quarterback, resulting in her death.

Fast Facts:

1. The first person Stefan fed on was his father, Giuseppe Salvatore.

2. Born in Mystic Falls on November 5, 1847, Stefan is a very old Gemini.

3. Stefan’s not as strong as his brother, but he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve. S is a crazy-fast runner, can influence people’s memories, and has an acute sense of hearing.

4. Jock talk: Stefan has been playing football for over 150 years, but he seems to have given up on team sports lately.

5. Somewhat of a serial killer, the Ripper Stefan’s trademark is feeding so frenziedly that his victims fall apart. He remorsefully puts them back together again.

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