The Vampire Diaries

Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood is the jock prince of Mystic Falls. The mayor’s son, he (like the Gilberts) is a member of one of the town’s founding families. Cocky and quick-tempered T spent much of the first season making us wonder if he was on the juice. Why else would he treat Vicki Donovan and Jeremy that way? But actually, he’s not wired. He’s just got other weird and mysterious issues — like the kind that might make a guy change shape and howl at the moon.

It turns out Tyler’s bullying tendencies had more to do with his paternal bloodline than chemicals, hormonal or illegal. Mayor Richard Lockwood, Tyler’s deceased daddy, was what we’ll call an incomplete werewolf: he had the capability to turn into a lycanthrope, but he hadn’t completed the killing ritual necessary to go full wolf. Unfortunately for Tyler, Katherine compelled a Mystic Falls student (Sarah) to attack him until he killed her. Thus, the curse was triggered in Tyler, and he started undergoing werewolf transformations.

A surprising friendship (and more) was forged between Tyler and Caroline as she helped him deal with his new wolfish ways (breaking every bone in your body is tough stuff!). Things got complicated between the two when some of Tyler’s werewolf pals kidnapped Caroline, so he retreated to Florida for a spell.

During one of his transformations, Tyler nearly killed Damon accidentally — werewolf bites are fatal to vampires. A run-in with Klaus ended with Tyler’s death but the former werewolf was resurrected as a hybrid. It took another vacation away from Mystic Falls, but Tyler finally broke the sire bond to the OV.

Because Klaus turned Tyler into a hybrid, the lacrosse player’s life is linked to his sire. Klaus’s supposed death killed Tyler, but in reality, the OV had possessed his body.

Fast facts:

1. Tyler is the son of Richard and Carol Lockwood.

2. His father, mayor of Mystic Falls, was killed on Founders’ Day; Tyler’s mother replaced him in office.

3. Tyler’s uncle and werewolf mentor, Mason Lockwood, had his heart ripped out by Damon.

4. In Season 1, Tyler got hot and heavy with his buddy Matt’s mom. Of course, he had dated Matt’s sister, Vicki, as well. Kinda gross, Ty.

5. Tyler is Klaus’s first successful hybrid sire.

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