The Vampire Diaries

Vicki Donovan

Vicki Donovan is hardworking Matt’s big sis. Well, late sister to be more exact — very, very late. Once the town’s class-skipping, drug-sharing, occasionally trampy bad girl, Vicki was also one of Tyler Lockwood’s playthings. (When they were a couple she truly liked him, but he mostly used her.) V turned over a new leaf when she decided to stop toying with Jeremy Gilbert’s affections and make the secret summer relationship they’d had permanently public.

Too bad she made that decision after several unfortunate neck-nibbling sessions with Damon Salvatore. Thinking he was doing her a self-esteem-boosting favor, Damon turned Vicki. A couple weeks later at the Halloween party, the blood-thirsty teen turned on Elena, forcing Stefan to kill her. Having just made out with Vicki, Jeremy witnessed the entire ugly incident. But Damon erased his memory and made him think Vicki had simply run away.

Townsfolk believed the runaway line until Caroline’s car broke down in a storm, and while she was running through the woods (as women often do in rainstorms), Caroline literally tripped over Vicki’s newly unearthed body. 


Vicki RIP-ed until the end of Season 2, when Jeremy started getting seriously haunted by his exes. Once again, Vicki goes after Elena, but this time she made a deal with Original Witch Esther, which would've let the ghost girl come back to the corporeal world permanently. Realizing his sister was just as dangerous dead as she was undead, Matt helped Bonnie send Vicki back where she belongs.

Fast facts:

  1. Vicki was born on August 20, 1991.
  2. Vicki worked as a waitress at Mystic Grill, the same place where her brother would later get a job as a busboy.


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