Teen Wolf Season 3 Promo Video: This Might Hurt

Credit: MTV

MTV released a new promo for Teen Wolf Season 3. The show returns June 3, and it looks like Scott (Tyler Posey) has some tough decisions ahead.


The werewolf is seen struggling as someone holds his head under water. The shirtless mystery man has tattooed bands around his arm, and the action is cut with shots of wolfsbane and and actual wolf. The music is dramatic and the blueish-green tint eerie.


Soon Scott’s assailiant is revealed... to be Scott himself. The tagline reads, “This might hurt.”


Will the werewolf be struggling with the new Alpha pack that’s in town — or with himself?


The watery imagery is a Teen Wolf staple. Both Scott and Jackson emerged from the same lake at various points in the first two seasons. Which side of himself is Scott trying to drown? The human or the werewolf? If he’s taking on a new role with the Alphas, perhaps he’ll be tapping into his animal nature. What that means for him and Allison is yet to be seen. She has her own hunterly duties to tend to.

 And what do Scott’s new tattoos mean? Creator Jeff Davis has teased they’re important.


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