Birthday: February 22, 1985
TVD Character: Matt Donovan
Twitter: Zach_Roerig
Hometown: The rural Midwestern town of Montpelier, Ohio, where he undoubtedly did damage on Montpelier High’s football and wrestling teams.

Why Zach might look familiar: You may have seen this former Ford Model snapping a football or two on a little show called Friday Night Lights. (Hello! He was Tyra’s rough and tumble rodeo cowboy boo, Cash.) Or maybe you spotted him playing Casey Hughes for two years on that soap — what was it called again? — As the World Turns. Fans of the Most Sought After Male for 2003 (as he was so crowned by the International Modeling and Talent Association) may have also caught him in a Foot Locker commercial. Basically put: Roerig’s no stranger to the spotlight.

A little something extra you ought to know about Zach: He had one of strangest pre-TVD jobs. Before he moved to New York City (where he got his pockets picked on the subway, see below), Roerig worked in his family’s Fackler Monuments business, making — you guessed it — gravestones. He’s also a really heavy sleeper! Check out this “mishap” he had on public transit: “I fell asleep on the subway,” he told Up Close and Personal magazine. “And I woke up on Church Avenue in East Flatbush and my front right pocket was slit open, my credit card was gone… my back pocket was slit open and my wallet was gone.” Not to blame the victim or anything, but really?

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