Newest ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Was Arrested For Threatening to Kill Ex-Girlfriend
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Vanderpump Rules

Newest ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Was Arrested For Threatening to Kill Ex-Girlfriend


Lisa Vanderpump’s newest employee is a criminal!

Jeremy Madix, the newest member of the Vanderpump Rules crew and Ariana Madix’s brother, has been arrested multiple times for violating a restraining order placed against him by his ex-girlfriend in Florida.

The Bravolebrity’s ex filed the restraining order in 2011 and said he had been abusing her for three months.

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“[He] threw a beer can at me, hitting me in the chest. Then he forced me in the car,” says a police report obtained by Radar Online.

“As we were driving, he was ripping off my top and slamming me into the passenger’s side door.”

Unfortunately the situation only escalated from here.

“When we arrived home, I tried to get out of the car and he jumped into the passenger’s seat from the driver’s seat and tackled me onto the driveway,” she continues in the report.

“I was screaming for him to get off of me but he continued to wrestle me and push my face in the ground.”


What comes next is absolutely terrifying and could’ve nearly killed her.

His ex-girlfriend, who happens to be 19 years older than him, was saved by her adult son, who restrained Jeremy after he grabbed his guns and threatened to shoot her family.

“I’m not sure how he ended up leaving that night or what happened after he was removed from the house.”

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The aspiring photographer violated the restraining order after he texted her and threatened to hurt a male friend of hers just 10 days after the incident.

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The couple ended up getting back together and dated until 2012, when the reality star was arrested for battery and domestic violence.

Yikes. We wonder what Lisa and Ken have to say about this!