Does Stassi Schroeder Still Talk to Jax Taylor?
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Stassi Schroeder

Does Stassi Schroeder Still Talk to Jax Taylor?

After almost two years of dating, America got to bare witness to the crumbling relationship that was Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor. The Vanderpump Rules couple blew up toward the end of Season 1, and it was excruciating to watch them interact all of Season 2. Now that Stassi has quit SUR and moved to New York City with boyfriend Patrick Meagher, is she still in contact with Jax?

“I have nothing to say about that person. I have no communication, I refuse to ever be in the same area. The reunion was my last time,” Stassi told Grantland’s The Right Reasons podcast. “I have to stand my ground with that. It’s not normal to be in a situation where someone has done so many terrible things to you but you still have to be around them. If you want me to be a happy person, you’re not going to put me in that situation anymore.”

So it’s clear that Jax is part of the reason why Stassi left SUR, though she also attributed that to the horrible atmosphere all of the drama has created at the restaurant.

“He’s a disgusting person,” Stassi revealed. “It grosses me out that we even give him attention.”

OK, so it’s clear that Stassi has cut ties, but has still-BFF Katie Maloney made amends and continued to get along with the rest of the gang?

“She’s cordial,” Stassi said. “But she doesn’t socialize and hang out with them.”

Yikes! We’re ready for Season 3 to be announced. We need to know that we’re getting another dose of crazy from our favorite servers.

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