Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor have certainly had a tumultuous relationship, but somehow they keep going back to each other again and again.

In the Season 2 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, Jax — despite his comments about girlfriends bringing the guys down — admits that he truly does love Stassi. “I want to end up with her,” he confesses to the camera.

At Scheana Marie’s ill-fated birthday party, Jax makes multiple attempts to get Stassi’s attention. “It’s pathetic the way Jax is following me around,” Stassi laughs. “But I love it.”

When Vanderpump Rules returns for Episode 2, Jax and Stassi will sit down to discuss the future of their relationship. Unfortunately for Jax, it doesn’t exactly go the way that he planned.

“I love you as a friend right now,” Stassi says over dinner. “I’m sorry, but I’m not in love with you. I can’t be in love with somebody that I don’t trust.”

Clearly hurt by her comments, Jax stays quiet for awkwardly long time. Finally he asks her if she wants him to move on.

“Yeah,” Stassi replies through tears. “You’re not proving yourself to me. I think you’re a liar and I don’t trust you.”

Watch this sneak peek from Vanderpump Rules Season 2, Episode 2, then make sure to tune in when it airs on Monday, November 11 on Bravo!