Haven't you always wanted to watch Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules perform Hamlet's soliloquy while shirtless? Wait, you haven't? We're shocked! Well, now you get to see it anyway.

Tom is proving that he isn't just a pretty face, as he showcases some serious acting chops while reciting the famous speech from Hamlet in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse. Oh, and he's shirtless. We are forever in your debt for making this happen, Andy Cohen. 

"To be or not to be  that is the question," Tom says while holding a golden skull in front of an almost-realistic-looking fireplace. Frankly, we're impressed that he's even memorized the entire speech, let alone that he actually does a decent job with it. 

Okay, so maybe Tom is not exactly Sir Ian McKellen. But do Sir Ian McKellen's abs look like Tom's? We think not. 

Tom has probably been having an existential crisis of his own in real life this week, as we see him finally come clean to girlfriend Kristen Doute on this week's episode about having made out with Ariana Madix at the Golden Nugget pool. That's just as bad as having to deal with your uncle killing your dad to sleep with your mom, right?

Are you surprised by Tom's acting skills? Or are you only impressed with his physique?

SourceBravo on YouTube