It was shocking to see Tom Sandoval punch Jax Taylor on this week's Vanderpump Rules Season 2 finale, but it turns out that the actual fight was even more brutal than what viewers saw on TV.

"It was toned down for TV," Tom admits to the Daily Mail about their rumble. "I only meant to hit him one time, and then I kept going."

"I grew up wrestling and taking taekwondo, so when I get into a fight, I am comfortable," Tom explains. "I could have really hurt him bad — I hit him on the forehead. I could have stomped his face in and hit him in the nose and knocked his teeth out. But I was in control, and he knew it. He knew, if we went outside, I would f—k him up."

Tom claims that he didn't "plan" to hit Jax, and that none of this would have happened if Jax had just apologized for sleeping with Kristen. "I was more hurt at the coldness of Jax," Tom says. "I never would have come after him if he apologized. Everyone expected me to hit him, and I hate to do what people expect, but he would not say sorry."

Meanwhile, Tom says that  although he and Jax are "cordial" to one another when they see each other at SUR  their friendship is completely dunzo. "I can never forgive Jax," he says. "How can you forgive someone who doesn’t care? If he apologizes now, it means he is doing only doing it to save face. This all happened in July, and he has had so many chances to say sorry."

Do you think Tom should forgive Jax? And was Tom justified in punching Jax? 

Source: Daily Mail