Stassi Schroeder dropped a bit of a bombshell on this week's Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Reunion when she announced that she now lives in NYC and doesn't work at SUR anymore. So how does Scheana Marie feel about Stassi not working there anymore?

"I definitely think the vibe at SUR is better now," Scheana writes in her Bravo blog. "Honestly, it is nice having Stassi gone. She was a fake friend to me, and - as much as I will always care about her well being, and I want her to be happy  I feel happier she isn't a big part of my life anymore." Harsh!

"I've heard a lot of things she's said about me through the course of the show, on- and off-camera, and she's not someone I care to have in my life anymore," Scheana writes. "She used me for what she needed at the time and when she was done, she was done. Simple as that. I don't want someone who is a fake friend a part of my wedding or my life."

Have the two kept in touch since filming Season 2? Uh, not so much. "We haven't really spoken since August, and that was on her, not me," Scheana says. "I tried to hang with her, and she couldn't even return a text message, so I am done."

Do you understand where Scheana is coming from? And do you think Scheana and Stassi will patch things up?

Source: Bravo