Someone’s going under the knife this season on Vanderpump Rules, and it won’t just be the delicious food. Resident bad boy and SUR bartender Jax Taylor has undergone surgery, and has promised it will air on Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules.

“I can't believe they are filming my surgery Monday gonna be kinda cool to watch it in the fall,” Jax tweeted Saturday. After the surgery, Jax had sweet tweets for his Vanderpump co-stars. “I couldn't thank @twschwa enough for dealing with me all morning and miserableness you are a great friend to me I owe you when iam (sic) better!,” he tweeted, along with a gushing, “I wanna thank @LLPJMadrigal  @TomSandoval1 @scheanamarie  for meeting me home from hospital today great friends I have  #veryblessed.”

No word on what sort of surgery Jax underwent, but we’re hoping it wasn’t anything too serious! (Or anything that seriously messes with his looks!) Between this exciting plot line and his recent split with Carmen Dickman, Jax (or possibly “Jason,” according to Tom) seems ready to bring the drama to Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules.

Do you think Jax should get plastic surgery? Are you tired of his bad boy persona? Let us know in the comments!