More Details Revealed About Vanessa Grimaldi’s Acting Career
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The Bachelor

More Details Revealed About Vanessa Grimaldi’s Acting Career


For months, Nick Viall has been plagued with accusations of being fame hungry — especially after the four-time Bachelor franchise star signed on for Dancing With the Stars.

But now it’s not only him catching flak, but also his new Season 21 fiancée, Vanessa Grimaldi!

Nick and Vanessa have dealt with plenty of criticism after the Bachelor 2017 finale, with many doubting the validity of their relationship.

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However, it’s also the Canadian beauty’s acting past that has come into question after her engagement.

Thanks to her still-active IMDb profile, the 29-year-old’s intentions with the Bachelor were called into question midway through the show’s airing.

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Now that she’s moved to Hollywood to support her fiancé on DWTS, the topic has come up again, spurring one outlet to speak with one of her former directors.

The folks over at chatted with TV director John Fortenberry, who directed the now-special education teacher on a 2010 episode of Blue Mountain State.

“I remember her in a few episodes, but not to a great extent,” John tells the site.

He continues, “She never had much of a substantial role. Given the nature of that show, we had quite a few attractive girls.”

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She went on to make TV appearances on Being Human in 2011 and Ascension in 2014, but ended her thespian career soon after. Still, John speculates she could’ve gone much further.

“Given the fact that she was not given a lot of heavy lifting in that show, she certainly accomplished what her task was for that,” the Black-ish director muses.

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He adds, “I have reason to suspect she could be an accomplished actress if she were given a more substantial role.”

Hey, maybe this will be her second chance now that she’s taking time off from her role at the school? Don’t count on it.

In an interview last week, Vanessa clarified her acting history, insisting she won’t be pursuing any small or big screen gigs in the future.

“It’s funny that I acted — barely acted — back in Montreal,” she started.

The newly-engaged gal concluded, “It was something that I tapped into in the summertime while I wasn’t working, since school goes from September to June, as a part-time thing for a very short amount of time.”