Mama’s Bling: Get the Exclusive on Vanessa Lachey’s “Camden” Necklace!
Credit: Vanessa Lachey on Instagram    

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Mama’s Bling: Get the Exclusive on Vanessa Lachey’s “Camden” Necklace!

It seems like all of Hollywood is either pregnant or just welcoming a brand new bouncing baby. One of those starlets would be Nick Lachey’s wife, Vanessa, who recently confirmed they are expecting their second child — a little girl!

Now that her belly has popped, we’re officially on baby watch. But the latest thing that caught our eyes wasn’t a new belly selfie, it was actually the mom-to-be’s adorable gold “Camden” necklace that she sported during a recent date night with husband Nick.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Vanessa wore the necklace. Wetpaint Entertainment noticed it back in May during the Crocs grand flagship store opening in New York City, where we caught up with the 33-year-old (we have a feeling she was already pregnant with baby No. 2 then!), and got the scoop on that stunning piece of neck candy.

“This woman in Los Angeles, her name is Rona, she actually has a little boutique on Ventura Blvd., and I got to know her through shopping and she makes these,” Vanessa laughed as she pointed to the necklace.

“She actually makes them with a wire, and when I got married, she gave me one that said ‘Lachey’ and I was all about it. I felt like I was branding myself and I was so proud — I mean I changed my name, I’m old-fashioned in that sense.”

Vanessa went on to add, “Then when I got pregnant and had my son, she made me one that said ‘Camden.’ It’s one of those things that when I catch a reflection or when I’m talking to someone — not that I ever have a moment where I don’t think about him — it’s a constant, beautiful reminder.” It sure looks like it!

If you’re loving Vanessa’s necklace, you can get your own personalized necklace in either 14K gold fill or sterling silver for just $125. Thanks for the fashion-inspo, Vanessa!