Vanessa Lachey Talks Son Camden’s Independence and If He’ll Be a Big Brother — Exclusive
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Vanessa Lachey Talks Son Camden’s Independence and If He’ll Be a Big Brother — Exclusive

Ever since Vanessa and Nick Lachey welcomed their first child into the world back in September 2012, he has grown up to be just like his parents: nothing short of sweet and charming. This little guy isn’t even two yet but already has his own personality — and it took his momma by surprise!

During the Crocs grand flagship store opening in New York City, Vanessa helped the footwear company officially open their doors to the public, and got to gushing about her little man to Wetpaint Entertainment.

“Kids right now are so independent, and my kid is just getting into that. I didn’t think it would happen at one and a half!” Vanessa exclusively tells Wetpaint. “I thought they get that at age 5 when they want to dress up and pick their clothes, but he’s there now... that part hit me quick, but it’s fun to watch.”

So what’s Camden like these days? Turns out he’s ready to take on the world — and by take on the world, we mean do things without Mommy’s help. “He’s very independent, and he’s also so sweet,” Vanessa says. “He has the sweetest disposition about him. He can’t give me a kiss without giving Nick a kiss, and if friends are over, he has to give us all [kisses].

“But then at the same time if I try to help him with something, he gets like ‘I got it.’ Literally he gets frustrated and wants to do it himself,” the 33-year-old adds. Sounds like this little guy is growing up fast!

As for Vanessa embracing motherhood, the first-time mom reveals it hasn’t necessarily changed her, but rather “made me hyper aware of choices I make.” She adds, “It just changes a lot of your decisions, but other than that, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have this little guy.”

Aww! We’re already in love with Camden, and we’re sure he’ll be a great big brother one of these days. Speaking of which, we couldn’t help but ask the former MTV VJ if Camden will get a sibling one day? “Well, God willing!” Vanessa says with a laugh. And there you have it — we’re keeping our fingers cross for baby Lachey No. 2!