Adorable Little Vegetarian Doesn’t Understand How We Eat Chickens (VIDEO)
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Adorable Little Vegetarian Doesn’t Understand How We Eat Chickens (VIDEO)

Learning about the world as you grow up can be tough, having to come to terms with some horrible things we humans are known to do. War, genocide, slavery, and the list goes on. This little girl isn’t old enough to learn about all that yet, but she has just discovered that humans kill animals to eat them, and she couldn’t be more confused.

At first, little Evie doesn’t understand how people can fit a whole chicken into their mouths, especially if it’s flapping all about. A woman off screen explains that the chicken is dead, and then people cut it up and cook it.

“Wait, did you say dead chickens?” Evia asks, suddenly realizing that the woman is totally serious. “Do you mean killing chickens? Whoa.”

The woman then explains that other animals do it, like a wolf would kill the chicken and eat it, which Evie understands, but she says she still doesn’t get it. When asked what she would do with a chicken, Evie answers, “I would say hi to them.”

Dead from cuteness.

Source: YouTube

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07.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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