Vicki Gunvalson Dishes About Vodka Lawsuit: ‘Friends Don’t Sue Other Friends’
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Vicki Gunvalson Dishes About Vodka Lawsuit: ‘Friends Don’t Sue Other Friends’

It has been a tumultuous time for Vicki Gunvalson recently, but now that she's been dismissed from the breach of contract lawsuit, she's not holding back her feelings about the situation.

That's right, in case you missed it, the Real Housewives of Orange County star is no longer a defendant in the lawsuit that was filed against her by her Vicki's Vodka business partner Robert Williamson III. And it's pretty clear that Vicki isn't too happy with the way things went down.

"Friends don't sue other friends," she said. "When there is a breakdown, the answer is always to go sit down and talk. In this instance, I've flown three times to meet with my partner to tell him that I love Vicki's Vodka and let's get back on track."

But it looks like Vicki and Robert have done a good job at smoothing things over, since he was the bartender when she appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live Monday night. "I learned a very valuable life lesson that there is nothing more important than sitting down face to face and saying 'let's talk,'" Vicki said, showing her infinite wisdom.

According to Robert's lawyer, everything on the legal front is completely fine. "Mr. Williamson and Ms. Gunvalson have agreed upon a resolution of the matter," Robert's lawyer Stan Johnson said. "As a result, Mr. Williamson has dismissed Ms. Gunvalson from the lawsuit. In addition, as a result of this resolution, they have both decided to move forward with Vicki's Vodka as a unified team."

But here's the funny news: According to Stan, Vicki's on-again, off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers "is still a defendant in the litigation. He has not been dismissed."

Uh oh! Bad news for Brooks and good news for Vicki! All we can say is, long live Vicki's Vodka!

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