Vicki Gunvalson Learns Brooks Ayers May Have Dated a Porn Star
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson Learns Brooks Ayers May Have Dated a Porn Star

Wedding dress shops aren’t really the place for discussions about ex-boyfriends who may or may not be dating porn stars — unless you’re on Real Housewives of Orange County.

In Season 8, Episode 13, Tamra Barney’s gown-searching extravaganza was interrupted when the ladies started talking about Vicki Gunvalson’s ex, Brooks Ayers. The last Lydia McLaughlin heard, the two were still going strong. “We went to dinner, and he basically just ended everything,” Vicki explained, saying he wasn’t comfortable with the way her daughter, Briana, still disliked him.

Lauri Peterson says perhaps it’s intuition on Briana’s part, adding that she wants to talk to Vicki privately at some point. That time is right then, at the store — minus the privacy.

“I heard some things,” says Lauri in front of the rest of the ladies (except Tamra, who’s blissfully unaware of what’s going down, as she’s trying on a dress). At first Lauri protests that she doesn’t want to do this on Tamra’s day but soon relents. She’s heard Brooks is dating one of her daughter’s friends.

“The fact of the matter is, he wasn’t cheating on me,” says Vicki, explaining they’d broken things off two to three months earlier. Things get worse when Vicki learns that the mystery girl is under 21. Lauri says, “They might not be dating, I just know that they’re together.”

Vicki grows more and more upset. “He got in my mind, and he got in my heart,” says Vicki of Brooks. Then Lauri drops another bomb: The girl also once did a porn video — though not with Brooks, she assures Vicki.

Gretchen Rossi has little sympathy for Vicki. “Vicki was philandering on Donn,” she says in her confessional, saying that it’s karma.

Just then, Tamra walks out in her dream dress and Vicki walks away to hide her tears.