Vicki Gunvalson: “I Would Never Put My Grandson in Harm’s Way”
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Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki Gunvalson: “I Would Never Put My Grandson in Harm’s Way”

Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County were treated to an adorable moment this past week, with veteran housewife Vicki Gunvalson spending some one-on-one time with her grandson, Troy. The little guy was adorably crawling around his granny’s kitchen while she was fixing a meal — but it was her lack of attention that garnered some criticism from viewers.

Since the episode aired Monday night (April 28), Vicki has been on the defensive, responding to haters on her Twitter account. When one person tweeted at the 52-year-old bringing up the fact that there were unseen dangers that the babe could have been injured by, homegirl didn’t hold back.

“Are you serious? I had a nanny there at all times who wasn't filmed. I would never put my grandson in harms way. Shame on you,” she tweeted, before adding, “I put Troy in his playpen when I needed to. He was always being watched! I got this people!”

Way to stand up for your parenting skills, Vicki! There’s always more footage to what viewers see each week, so it’s entirely possible that there was a nanny and a playpen. Plus, Troy was tugging on his granny’s leg just as often as he was on a crawling frenzy.

At the end of the day, it was an adorable scene and we know that Vicki is an excellent lady. Come back soon, Troy!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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