Vicki Gunvalson’s Top 10 Freakouts of All Time (VIDEOS)
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson’s Top 10 Freakouts of All Time (VIDEOS)

On Season 8, Episode 14 of the Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw Vicki Gunvalson completely lose it over Lauri Peterson’s accusations that she’d had sex with multiple partners. While the showdown was undoubtedly dramatic, it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Vicki have a near breakdown during her time on the show.

From screaming fights with Slade to emotional meltdowns in the rainforest, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite Vicki freakouts below!

#5: Season 2, Episode 2 — Family Van Freakout
How dare anyone send a family fan to pick up six people and 12 bags?! Vicki certainly doesn’t understand and she makes her feelings very clear when she calls the car service to complain.

#10: Season 7, Episode 16 — Hello, Hypocrite
When Tamra calls Vicki a hypocrite for using “inappropriate” language, Vicki clearly feels angry and betrayed. Tamra thinks Vicki makes up her own rules to life, but the situation makes Vicki question is her friend really has her back.

#4: Season 8, Episode 14 — Showdown on the the Slopes
When Tamra reveals Lauri’s been spreading rumors about Vicki’s sex life, Vicki doesn’t take the gossip lying down. She confronts Lauri on their ski trip to Canada, calling her “disgusting” and “a piece of trash.”

#9: Season 5, Episode 12 — Gang Up on Vicki Day
Alexis says she’s just trying to be helpful when she tells Vicki her comments are offensive. Not surprisingly, this “help” isn’t welcomed. Vicki feels ganged up on and storms out of the restaurant, leaving Tamra and Briana to chase after her down the street.

#3: Season 7, Episode 20 — Stand By Your Man
Considering Vicki and Tamra are supposed to be “friends, soulmates, and sisters”, Vicki can’t believe Tamra’s behavior towards Brooks at Heather’s party. Vicki gets up, ready to storm out, but she can’t control her temper when Tamra follows her down the hall.

#8: Season 2, Episode 7 — Tears and Beer
Vicki’s son is none-too-pleased when his mom surprises him and his friends as they’re getting ready for the game. When Vicki doesn’t receive the welcome that she wanted, she has a hard time holding back tears. Thankfully, Michael’s friends offer some support and Vicki closes out the day with a pretty impressive keg stand.

#2: Season 7, Episode 6 — ‘80s Bunco Blowout
Tamra’s hoping for a fun night when she throws an ‘80s-themed bunco bash, but things quickly turn ugly when Slade crashes the event. Vicki decides to confront him about the insulting things he said about her, and soon her eyes are bulging out of her head.

#7: Season 5, Episode 11 — Being Done With Vicki
Dinner parties and the housewives never really mix, especially when someone pretends to fall asleep during another one’s story. Alexis doesn’t take kindly to Vicki’s little joke, but Vicki ends up being the shouting out expletives on the way home.

#1: Season 7, Episode 17 — Weeping in the Rainforest
Planting trees in the rainforest is rarely a solemn occasion — unless, that is, your name is Vicki Gunvalson. During the ladies’ trip to Costa Rica, Vicki’s becomes gravely aware that they’re all going to die someday.

#6: Season 7, Episode 4 — Mother vs. Daughter
Tensions really start to rise when Vicki and Briana decide to be honest with their feelings. Briana doesn’t want her mom spending any more time with Brooks, and Vicki can’t seem to get past Briana’s secret wedding with Ryan.