Bachelor Rejectee Victoria Lima “Sincerely Hated” Juan Pablo, “Wanted Him to Die”
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Bachelor Rejectee Victoria Lima “Sincerely Hated” Juan Pablo, “Wanted Him to Die”

We’re suddenly wishing that Victoria Lima hadn’t spent the majority of her Bachelor Season 18 camera time on the bathroom floor, given that she’s proving to be quite opinionated and entertaining when she’s sober. She made it clear during last night’s “Women Tell All” that she’s not a big Juan Pablo Galavis fan, and now she’s letting him have it on Twitter. Like, really letting him have it.

Victoria piped up last night when Juan Pabs was explaining his anti-gay comments, telling him that it’s not valid to claim his words about not wanting a gay Bachelor were simply “lost in translation.” And if you thought she would have a change of heart after calling him out, think again.

“You wanna live in America, you better learn how to speak English, amigo,” Victoria tweeted on March 3. Then, in response to a Twitter follower saying she got too drunk on the show, Vic replied that she “was only trying to lower my IQ to match my date’s.” And in other tweets, she added that Juan Pablo is ignorant, a d—bag, hurtful, and needs a dictionary. Finally, she says she “sincerely hated (still do) him and wanted him to die.” Oh, is that all?

Wow! It’s interesting that Victoria appears to have the most negative impression of Juan Pablo out of any of the ladies this season. We’re surprised, in part, because there seemed to be chemistry during their few interactions, some of which involved straddling. However, Victoria clearly hates the guy’s guts now — although that might be due to her hard feelings or embarrassment about how her stint on the show ended. In short, with drunken yelling on a bathroom floor. Happens to all of us, girl!

Are you surprised by what Victoria has tweeted about Juan Pablo? Or is it warranted?

Source: Victoria on Twitter