Bachelor 2014: Victoria Lima’s “I Hate Juan Pablo” Meltdown is a Beautiful Trainwreck
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Victoria Lima’s “I Hate Juan Pablo” Meltdown is a Beautiful Trainwreck

It must be a rule that, on every season of The Bachelor, at least one beautiful suitor has a little too much fun, resulting in an alcohol-induced breakdown. But after tonight’s episode, we’re pretty sure Juan Pablo Galavis’s season will go down in history for the biggest drunken meltdown, thanks to eliminated contestant Victoria Lima.

For those of you who missed it a) we’re so sorry and b) allow us to break it down for you. After the group date, Juan Pablo hosted a rooftop pool party for the girls. While he made with the Juan-on-1 time with a few select girls, Victoria enjoyed... let’s just say it was a disputed amount of drinks ranging from one (according to Victoria) to A LOT (c.f. everybody else).

Though she told the other girls she was just “fun sober,” she didn’t mention whether she’s also known for slurring her speech and having poor emotional impulse control while sober. Our favorite part? When she says (twice) that she gave Juan the “hymen maneuver” during their photoshoot.

After scampering off to find Juan, she sees him having some 1:1 time with Nikki. In a complete 180, the Brazilian beauty rushes to the bathroom and starts sobbing. Renee Oteri takes it upon herself to go after the drunksitting merit badge, climbing under the stall to comfort Victoria as she rails incoherently against Juan Pablo. She did know before this that there would be other girls there and that J-P would spend time with them... yes?

Victoria demands to be sent home, and when a production assistant explains that there are logistics involved (we guess Chris Harrison took the helicopter out for a joyride), she runs back to her Stall of Solitude for more sobbing.

After a failed attempt to comfort her, Juan instead decides to comfort the other ladies. Victoria is taken to a hotel at the end of the night, where a teetotalling J-P says adios to Victoria. He's looking for a woman, not a drunk girl.

01.13.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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