Victoria Wakile Had Another Brain Tumor — But She’s OK!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Victoria Wakile Had Another Brain Tumor — But She’s OK!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile and her family have been going through some very serious real-life drama recently. Kathy and Rich's 20-year-old daughter, Victoria, was recently diagnosed with another brain tumor that required surgery.

Victoria underwent surgery on a brain tumor when she was 10 years old and has now had a second surgery to remove a benign astrocytoma. Her parents recently spoke to OK! magazine about the ordeal.

Kathy explains that Victoria - who is currently in nursing school - had just reached the ten-year anniversary of her first surgery when she started experiencing major headaches. "She said, ‘Since it’s my 10 year anniversary, maybe we should make an appointment for a follow-up, an MRI just to check on things,'" Kathy says. "A little portion had regrown [in her brain], and it was blocking the fluid passing through."

Rich reveals that Victoria had to shave part of her head and again has a scar. "They reopened the scar, and her scar is from ear to ear on her skull," he says about the new surgery. Luckily, the surgery was a success. "She’s great," Kathy says, adding that Victoria was out of bed after two days. "Yesterday, she was out of the house all day with her friends. Today, we went to her campus to talk to her advisors and get all of her work from her professors."

It is very scary that Victoria had to go through this a second time, but we're relieved that things appear to have gone well. We wish Victoria and her family all the best as she continues to recover.

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