Vienna Girardi Opens Up About Losing Twins on What Would’ve Been Their Due Date

Vienna Girardi

Vienna Girardi Opens Up About Losing Twins on What Would’ve Been Their Due Date


It’s been a tough few months for Vienna Girardi.

The former Bachelor contestant sadly lost her unborn twins in August and opened up about the grief on what would’ve been their due date.

She shared her pain on Facebook Wednesday, January 10.

“Today should have been a day to rejoice and celebrate life… today was my due date,” she wrote.  

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“Instead I’m finding it hard to even get out of bed, hard to smile or feel anything at all,” she continued.

“I feel numb as I stand outside watching my dogs; it’s wet and gloomy as if the world knows and feels my pain.

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“Each day has gotten easier to for me to put a smile on and pretend everything is ok but not today. I can’t pretend today. I’m hurting, I’m sad and I feel empty.”

She shared, “I still wondering why and I still get angry and today I’m mad and sad and just want it to be ok to feel this way.”

The former reality star got engaged to Bachelor Jake Pavelka during Season 14.

Unfortunately, their engagement only lasted a few months and they dramatically split up.


The blonde beauty also shared the news of her devastating miscarriage on Facebook back in August.

“On Aug 3rd, I went in for an ultrasound bc the Perinatologist notice one of my twins had more fluids than the other which was the first sign of TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) this is when one twin takes more nutrients than the other,” she wrote.

“They said that it did look like it had improved over the last week though,” the 31-year-old shared.

“Unfortunately, that was not the case and that evening my water broke due to the amniotic sacs rupturing. I spent the next 2 days in the hospital trying everything to save them.”

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She continued, “The doctors had warned me that if I did not go into labor and deliver the babies, I was taking the chance of risking my own life and causing an infection in my uterus but they could not survive at only 18 weeks.

“My little angels went to Heaven on Aug 5th and I was rushed into the OR for emergency surgery and was in the ICU for 4 days.”

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Vienna during this extremely tough time.