Watch and Earn, Baby!
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Watch and Earn, Baby!

You love TV. We love you. And who doesn’t want to be rewarded for doing something you love? Today, in a crossover event better than any scenario Shonda Rhimes could cook up, Wetpaint officially became part of Viggle, the company behind the #1 free second screen rewards app. Do we have your attention yet?

Viggle makes the shows (and music) you love better with games, content, community, and points that you can redeem for a whole slew of rewards like gift cards, movie tickets, electronics, and more. You can even use your points to enter sweepstakes for trips to hip locales like L.A. and tickets to live game shows.

New User Alert: Register with Viggle now to collect 200 bonus points. And check in to four shows in the next seven days for another 1000 points. Click here to find out when your favorite shows will be featured in the app.

One of our favorite features? Viggle LIVE! Wetpaint gives you the before (spoilers, fan fiction, gossip, and news) and after (wrap-ups, guess who, etc.) on your favorite shows. The missing link? A real-time companion to curl up and watch your favorite shows with. That’s where the app comes in. Wetpaint editors are working with the Viggle team to create great polls and quizzes to entertain you on show nights.

Remember those rewards? Viggle lets you earn points for watching and playing along. Um, does it get much better than getting rewards for watching your favorite shows? Maybe only if the app came with Ian Somerhalder.

Music lovers, rejoice! Viggle is now working its rewards magic with the hottest songs and artists. So you can pick up your phone when you hear, say, the latest Ariana Grande or Ke$ha song to earn 25 points per song! You better move, you better match!

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