The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills added two new ladies this season, but which pot-stirrer is your favorite? Wetpaint partnered with Viggle to see which Bravo newbie audiences want to see stick around — Carlton Gebbia or Joyce Giraud? — and the Viggle LIVE! results don’t bode well for fellow Housewife Brandi Glanville.

It was a tight race, but in the end, Joyce clinched the victory with 56 percent of the vote. Seeing how Carlton is firmly on Team Brandi (they even shared a kiss to prove it!), while Joyce thinks Brandi is “evil,” could audiences be growing tired of Brandi and over-dramatic antics? Or are Viggle users just not interested in Carlton, who tries to steer clear of the drama?

Brandi and Joyce have never seen eye-to-eye (and after all the trash talk that’s been thrown around, we doubt they ever will), but is the root of all their issues their ages? We asked Viggle users who the youngest castmate was, and the majority of readers (49 percent) thought it was Brandi — but that would be incorrect! In fact, before this season, Brandi was the youngest (which makes her behavior excusable, right?), but now Joyce, 38, is the youngest housewife of Bev Hills. Could be Brandi be jealous?

We’ve seen other Housewives start fights over jealousy. Remember when Tamra Barney was the hot, young housewife before Gretchen Rossi stepped onto the scene? The two finally reconciled, but only over their mutual dislike of fellow OC housewife Vicki Gunvalson (natch).

Whether age has anything to do with Brandi and Joyce’s distaste for one another or not, being the youngest castmate — which 43 percent of Viggle LIVE! users answered correctly — is not the only thing Joyce has going in her favor. The Puerto Rican pageant queen is also an accomplished actress who is no stranger to the small screen.

The reality TV newbie starred in NBC’s summer series Siberia this year, but do you remember her character’s name? It was Carolina! Over 48 percent of Viggle LIVE! users answered this one correctly, which is pretty impressive when you consider the show’s abysmal ratings.

We think you made a good move, Joyce. The drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is much more compelling.

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