Credit: Photo by David James (c) 2002 – © 2004 Warner Bros. Ent. Photo: Christian Bale as Batman in Batman Begins (2005)

Even though we usually only see their mouths and chins thanks to that mask, some of Hollywood's hottest hunks have played Batman over the years. As Batman Begins aired last night (December 19) on Syfy, we asked Viggle LIVE! users whether Christian was the most attractive Caped Crusader, or another?

And don't worry, we kept the selection limited to the last two decades. (Sorry, Michael Keaton.) So the choices were Val Kilmer from Batman Forever, George Clooney from Batman & Robin, Christian Bale from the Dark Knight trilogy, and Ben Affleck from the upcoming (and untitled) Batman-Superman film.

Two-thirds of you prefer the guy who had the role the longest — and, arguably, during the best Batman movies — with 67 percent voting for Christian Bale.

Only 16 percent of you picked George Clooney. (What's up with that? Is he no longer America's most sought-after bachelor?)

13 percent of you chose Val Kilmer, clearly overlooking (or enticed by) his Batsuit's rubber nipples.

And — poor Ben Affleck — the latest incarnation only received 4 percent of votes.

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