Credit: Instagram Photo: Kandi Burruss and Fiance Todd Tucker Party on November 3, 2013

Todd Tucker is a permanent fixture in Kandi Burruss’s life now, whether Mama Joyce likes it or not. The pair met a few years ago, and got engaged about a year ago despite Mama Joyce’s disapproval. Kandi has had her fair share of sadness (her former fiancé A.J. Jewell was shot to death in 2009), but once she found Todd all seemed right in the world.

But how exactly did these two lovebirds meet? When Wetpaint posed that question to Viggle LIVE! users, 63 percent guessed correctly that the pair met in South Africa. During Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and her co-stars headed to the country for their annual trip. At the time, Todd was working as a production manager for the company that produces RHoA, and he actually caught Phaedra Parks’ eye first.

Phae-Phae then alerted Kandi to the cutie on the crew and the pair immediately hit it off, staying up all night talking, and formally dating once they were both back in Atlanta. Mama Joyce may fault Phaedra for introducing the pair, but we think they’re great together.

The Phaedra connection was enough to confuse 34 percent of voters, who thought that Kandi and Todd first met in the Atlanta lawyer’s office. Another 13 percent of voters thought that the pair met in Anguilla, but as we mentioned before, the majority were right in saying that the couple first crossed paths in South Africa in 2011.

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