Rapper Eminem has only hit the silver screen for one feature film, but he certainly made an impact with 2002's 8 Mile, which received a ton of praise from critics and even scored the Detroit rapper an Oscar for Best Original Song. But before he could reap in the accolades, Eminem had to get serious about getting in shape. Do you know how much weight he lost for his starring turn?

Wetpaint Entertainment teamed up with Viggle during a recent replay of the flick to see how well y'all knew the details of the famous rapper's big movie role. It turns out not that many people are aware that Eminem shed a whopping 24 pounds for the part — only 35% of Viggle LIVE! users selected the correct answer, with 41% guessing it was only 12 pounds, and another 26% thinking he actually gained weight for the role.

So, why the weight loss? Simple! Before the film Eminem wasn't in fantastic shape, but he was determined to look his best on screen, so he buckled down with an intense workout regimen. He even converted one of the on-set trailers into an exercise room.

This isn't the only time Eminem has attempted to lose a notable amount of weight. In 2009, he tried to shed even more pounds so that he could look like Christian Bale in The Machinist for the music video for his song "3 A.M." Bale famously whittled 60 pounds off his already fit frame to play his anorexic character in that flick, and when he heard Eminem was trying something similar, his response was "'Don't do it, don't do it!'."

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