Credit: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

With just a handful of days left in the 2014 Winter Olympics, we’re mentally preparing to see the torch go out Sunday night. Eighteen days of fun and games will end February 23 with the Closing Ceremonies and what an Olympics it has been!

Of course, if this was 1908 we’d still have more than 100 days left before the end. Yep, 100 more days. How’s that possible? Well according to Mr. Viggle, those Games were six months and four days long. If you’re counting — and we know you’re counting — that’s 187 days or more than half a year long. We love ourselves some Olympics but six months? Bob Costas might not make it.

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Speaking of serious time commitments, American Idol is three nights this week. We’re currently in the midst of a brutal round of eliminations known as Rush Week. It’s a new twist that takes the Top 30 contestants (15 girls and 15 boys) and whittles them down to just 13 in the span of five hours of reality television drama. And we thought the Olympics were tough!

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