Today Mr. Viggle gives us his best Zoolander impression and really, what more do we need to count this day a success? While George’s blue steel is more Kardashian duck face than Ben Stiller male model, it’s still pretty terrific.

We have The Face to thank for the inspiration behind George’s mugging. The show, led by the notorious supermodel Naomi Campbell, is not Oxygen’s version of America’s Next Top Model. We reap. It is not Oxygen’s version of America’s Next Top Model. Well, or so they say.

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Before you walk the runway, Modern Family is brand new tonight on ABC. The episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. and Cameron’s in charge of decorations for the latest school dance. If his wedding planning to date is any indication, the fam’s in for a bit of decor-nado as he likely goes for what Mr. Viggle calls “something worthy of a 1980s John Hughes film.”

But that’s not all! An hour earlier at 8 p.m. American Idol gets going on Fox as the Top 12 contestants of Season 13 give the theme of “Home” their best shot. It’s been a tough season so far with new judge Harry Connick, Jr. not backing down from giving a little tough love. Not that we’d want him too! Somebody’s got to tell these kids when they’re missing a note!

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