Credit: Wetpaint Entertainment

Awesome news, TV buffs and culture vultures! Starting right now, every Wetpaint-produced video you watch earns you Viggle Points, which you can redeem for free music at Viggle Store, as well as electronics, gift cards, and more when you download the Viggle app. Here's how to get started:

Click any of the videos in the "Watch and Earn" sidebar you see to the right on (You can also click here for all the eligible Wetpaint videos. Jackpot!)

    Watch the entire video from start to finish — no skipping ahead!

      At the end of the video, you'll get 50 points if you're logged in through Facebook. If you're not — no worries!  — you'll see instructions.

        Once you've accrued enough points, click the Viggle Store button in the top right of each page to redeem them for music downloads.

          Want points even faster? Download the Viggle app and rack up points by checking into TV shows or matching music. Even better, the app lets you redeem points for other rewards — gift cards, electronics, makeup, etc.

          Picture it: Earning points watching Wetpaint videos about The Bachelorette and then going home and earning even more points watching the show that night!

          Hey, you already get all your celeb and TV news from Wetpaint — why not be rewarded for it? We have a hunch you'll be cashing out and rocking out in no time!